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My First Book


✓ An exciting interactive book to help parents who want to provide the best early childhood exposure to their kids who addicted to gadget.

✓Able to stimulate children’s motorskill from the touch senses as well as their movement, vision and hearing.

✓Improve children’s language development, especially for children with disabilities such as “speech delay”, “autism”, “down syndrome” & more.

✓Attract children that lack of interest to learn in order to practice more fun ways of learning.

✓To stimulate the development of children’s minds to interact with learning aids.

✓ Improve the mastery of 3 languages, that is Malay, English & Arabic.

✓ Can instill Islamic values in children from an early age. ✓Practice children’s mental ability to answer questions.

Age: 3 months – 8 years old
Material : Plastic and hard copybook
Battery type : 3 pieces AA battery
Book dimension : 28 x 27 x 2 (cm)
Weight : 600 gram
Warranty : 30 days


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